CPSC 670/IR/Fall 2002/Leggett/Class Layout


    3         Introduction to class, syllabus, class layout; Concepts of IR and IS
    5         Models of text compression; As We May Think
  10         Huffman Coding; Canonical Huffman Codes
  12         CHC; Arithmetic Coding; What Color was George Washington's White Horse? A Look at Assumptions Underlying Digital Libraries
  17         Symbolwise Models:PPM, Block-Sorting (Burrows-Wheeler)
  19         Symbolwise Models:Dynamic Markov, Word; A Case of Academic Plagiarism
  24         Dictionary Models:LZ77, GZIP, LZ78, LZW
  26         Inverted File Indexing; Lab #1 due


    1         Compressing Inverted File Indexes
    3         Signature Files, Bitmaps, Case Folding, Stemming
    8         Exam 1; Lab #2 due
  10         MG and Greenstone
  15         Collection Development and Metadata
  17         Querying document collections, Lexicons; Lab #3 due
  22         Order-Preserving Minimal Perfect Hashing
  24         Partially specified query terms, Boolean Queries
  29         Ranked Queries; Vector Space Model; Cosine measure
  31         WWW Search Engines, Interactive Retrieval, Distributed Retrieval; Lab #4 due


    5         Index construction for gigabyte document collections; The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine
    7         Image Compression, Bilevel Images, Context-based compression
  12         Resolution Reduction, JBIG, Continuous-tone Images, GIF, PNG, JPEG; Lab #5 due; The PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web
  14         Textual Images, Mark Libraries; Textual Image Compression, JBIG2
  19         Textual Image Coding; Mixed Text and Images; Dynamic Data Mining: Exploring Large Rule Spaces by Sampling
  21         Team Project Work Day
  26         Exam 2
  28         Thanksgiving Holiday


    3         Team Project Presentations: 1,2,3
    5         Team Project Presentations: 4,5,6
  10         Team Project Presentations: 7,8,9
  18         Final time is 1pm to 3pm