LIS W385T.6 Hypertext/Hypermedia Systems

Instructor: Dr. John J. Leggett                                                 Graduate Assistant: Jenny Monesson

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Office Hours: F 12-1 pm                                                       Office Hours: T, Th 1-3:30 pm

Text: No Text. The readings are available at the Graduate School of Business Copy Center.

Grading: Exam 1 (25%); Exam 2 (25%); Homework (25%); Discussion (25%).
Final course grades will be based on an average: A:100-90; B:89-80; C:79-70; D:69-60; F:59-0. Exams: Exams are comprehensive and will cover all discussion in class, all readings and all assignments to date.

Homework: Four homework assignments will be given. The homeworks will require creativity in design and a thorough understanding of the literature.

Discussion: This class is a readings and discussion class. We will read approximately 1200 pages during this course. You will be responsible for participating in the class discussion of all papers. You will be graded on participation in the discussions and performance as discussion leader on specific papers.

This course is designed to comprehensively cover the area of hypermedia systems. Course content will include the history and importance of hypermedia, theories of hypermedia design, hypermedia and hyperbase modeling, architectures of hypermedia systems, issues of hypermedia interface design and styles of interaction, and future directions in hypermedia systems. Emphasis will be on previous, current, and future research in hypermedia systems.