Pisco, located close to Paracas works as a base for most of the tourists and backpackers wishing to visit the Islas Ballesta and see the Paracas Lines. This is obvious as it is impossible to walk through the Plaza the Armas without being approached by an army of sales representatives trying to set you up, with an ocean tour, a visit to Ica and a package for flying over the Nazca lines.

This is the Pisco Cathedral. Right now it's being renovated. When comparing it with the picture in our guide, something about the facade looked different. It took us some time to figure out what was wrong. Not that during the renovation the facade was changed. Apparently the book has the image reversed. Also interesting is the fact that, as many of other buildings from that area, it's made of reed, rock, wood, and bird shit!

Here we pose in front of the San Martin statue, at Pisco's Plaza de Armas.

Although Pisco is not very big, we found some high tech enterprises.