So we went exploring...

The capital of Peru. Here is where we spent most of the time. We went to the museums, monuments, restaurants, plazas and everything we though of interest. We tried the local food, explored Lima's nightlife, and strolled on their streets and plazas. Our headquaters were in the Miraflores district, one of the most buisiest and modern areas of Lima. But we also visited other more traditional areas like downtown Lima. In the picture, Chemo and I pose in front of the Cathedral at the Plaza de Armas.

Lima was founded by Francisco Pizarro, whose remains rest at Lima's Cathedral. A funny story is that after many years of having his remains there, they found out that those where not Pizarro's! However now they have at the cathedral what they believe are the true Pizarro's last remains.

One distinguishing feature of Peru is the balconies on the buildings from the colonial era. Spaniards around Peru furnished their buildings with very nice balconies. Lima's Plaza de Armas has fine examples, as seen in the picture.

And as mentioned before, we attended to a professional soccer game (properly referred to as football). Even though the game wasn't spectacular and Chemo's favorite team (Muni) lost, we had quite a good time, both at the cevicheria preparing for the game, and at the stadium.

In our Gastronomical exploration of Peru we all tasted the peruvian Ceviche (or Cebiche, the peruvians still have problems deciding the proper spelling) and the traditional Chicha. Most of us were kind of cautious, as we knew the stories of how Chicha is made, although some of us clearly displayed more enthusiasm.