Eco-Expedition Costa Rica 2000
Jun 8-19, 2000
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Itinerary (What happened)

8 San José
  • Arrival Luis @ 11:50 am
  • Arrival Ignacio @7:30pm, make that 11:50 pm
  • Setting the initial base of operations, contacting local friends and make a first exploration of the city
9 San José
  • Visiting San José getting aquainted with the country
  • Museo de Oro; Cathedral; Paseo Colón
  • Planing trips to out of San José
10 Volcano Lodge at the Arenal Volcano
  • Wake up early and ge the rented 4x4
  • Travel to Arenal
  • Stop at the "Catarata del Rio Fortuna"
  • Lunch at "La Fortuna"
  • Afternoon at Tabacón Resort
  • So we got to watch an errupting volcano, while relaxing in a natural hot spring jacuzzi heated by the volcano
  • Night out at the Volcano Look Discotheque
11 Santa Elena Pension at the Santa Elena
  • A little more hot springs and relaxation
  • 3 hour drive on dirt-roads on a 4x4
  • Arrival at the Cloud Forest
  • Reservations for next day
  • Socializing with fellow backpackers at the Santa Elena Pension
12 San José
  • Santa Elena reserve ecological tour and bird watching: We saw the Quetzal and the Bell bird!
  • The Canopy tour - Indiana Jones style
  • Onother 2 hours of dirt road driving on the 4x4
  • On the way to San José we stopped at the Pacific Ocean, just for 5 minutes in order to say we touched the watter
  • "Cultural" visit to Intel's plant in Costa Rica
13 San José
  • Bungee jump over the Colorado River
  • Dinner and coffee at Jazz Café
14 Jungle Lodge
  • Travel to the Pacuare River
  • Breakfast overlooking the Orosi valley
  • Rafting the Pacuare River
  • Arrival to the Jungle Lodge
  • Hike to two different waterfalls
  • OVernight in the midlle of the jungle
15 San José
  • Rafting the Pacuare River, class IV rapids
  • Travel back to San José
16 Manuel Antonio
  • Travel to Manuel Antonio Nacional Park
  • We were supposed to wake up at 5am, but the guy at the reception was sleeping and did not woke us up before 5:45, so we missed the bus and therefore we had to take the indirect one, resulting in a 5 hour trip with stops in every town at every light post and at every school
  • Visit the Park
  • Swim in the ocean and enjoy the view
  • Visit Quepos
  • Practice some Salsa and Merengue at the "Mar and Sombra' "disco". Quite lively, but you have to very careful when dancing, because the ceiling is so low, that you risk hiting youself with the spining lights and speakers!
17 San José
  • Relax and enjoy the ocean and the view
  • Practice some body surfing
  • Flight back to San José, this time it only took us 20 minutes!
  • Ignacio prepares his departure
18 San José
  • Departure Ignacio
  • Visit to the Poás Volcano
  • Last night out in San José
  • Prepare departure
19 College Station at last!
  • Buy souvenirs and finish my last Colones
  • Departure Luis