Eco-Expedition Costa Rica 2000
Jun 8-19, 2000
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Bungee Jumping!

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We returned the rental car today. It's only 9:00am. We are having breakfast at the Gran Hotel de Costa Rica outdoors café. A feeling of suffocation is already invading us. After seeing the countryside, there is only one question in our minds: "What are we doing in San José??!!" (OK, I admit it. It's not that bad. But in this trip we are biased towards the nature and adventure travel). We can't make a big trip, since we are leaving tomorrow morning to raft the Pacuare River. So we must find a plan for the day. Desperate we seek help from the ICT under the Plaza de la Cultura. There, we are informed that we lost the only bus to the Poás Volcano. However they provide us with the telephone for the bungee jump. It's outside San José, near Naranjo, just 50 minutes away by bus. So we take the decision. We shall jump from the bridge.

So we get on a very crowded bus and thanks to the friendly people inside we get off at the right stop. Then it's a matter of walking about 500m to the bridge. We meet the jumping instructor, sign the release papers, and walk to the bridge. Then the instructor prepares the bungee cord and the engine to pull us back up after the jump. I put on the harness, attach the safety line, attach the bungee cord to my ankles, and get ready. So far we're cool. No pressure as it still something we're just talking about. I climb on the ledge, and it hits me. Now the adrenaline is running. Fortunately, Nacho has some problems with the camera and that gives me a couple of minutes. Finally everything is ready. I get ready and take the leap of faith (that the cable will not break and stop me before crashing on the rocks down there). The rest is just enjoying the ride! The able stretches and I bounce for a couple of minutes. I'm still quite high from the ground. There is plenty safety margin. The instructor lowers the cable with the carabineer to pull me up. It takes me a two or three attempts but I finally catch it, clip it to my harness, and back up I go.

Now it's Nacho's turn. He gets ready, climbs the ledge, and... well, you can look at his expression in the picture: "What were you thinking???" We're not in a hurry. So he takes some time to admire to view from up there. But the sky starts to get clouded. Remember, it's "winter" and every afternoon it rains. Time passes and the weather worsens... Nacho is taking some time to think about this... rain start coming down... Nacho makes a few practice drills... now it's pouring down... it seems Nacho is about to take that step… we start the reverse count down… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… jump… Nacho tries to jump, but his legs refuse to move (literally)… he tries one more time… still the same results… there is a flash and two seconds later CRAAAACK!!… a lightning strikes about 500 meters from where we are… is time to make a decision, we have to get cover and get off the bridge (after all is made out of iron!)... Finally, Nacho decides to wait another day with better weather.

So we splash our way to the bus stop and after a short wait we get in the bus to San José. On the way back I start a conversation with the Tico sitting next to me. Talking about weather and where to go, what to see in Costa Rica. At the end we say bye and that's it. I wouldn't mention it, but surprisingly, a few days later when we will come back from