Increasing Personal Connections
L.S. Sproull and S. Kiesler
Oct 13, 1999


In general I think it is a good paper. However I need to remind myself some times to take the positive side, since some of the statements seems to be to strong a generalization of the persons behaviors. For example the statement that "When managers do listen, it's mostly to people close to them" may be misleading as different management styles exists, and depending on the situation managers do, and must, listen to everyone.

The existence of open doors policies, even on e-mails, is really enforced by human behavior. Often managers do not review their e-mail before their assistants have filtered it out of 'inconsequential' messages.

The discussion of Distribution Lists (DL's) is an interesting one. However, it is important to notice than in this DL's some members (if not the majority) did knew each other in real life, a fact that do have an effect on the messages and behavior on the DL.

I agree that the increased communication (in one sense) with limited features (in another sense) of e-mail certainly allows for the peripheral people to communicate and come closer to the core of the organization.