Experiences at IBM with Group Support Systems: A Field Study
J.F. Nunamaker, D.R. Vogel, A. Heminger, B. Martz, R. Grohowski, and C.McGoff
Nov 15, 1999


What are the costs in dollars and time for the pre-planning meetings, facilitator and support staff?

This system seems that would not support impromptu meetings.

Is the "evenness" in participation a good metric?

Anonymity can be provided without technology. Also sometimes anonymity is not a desired feature.

How good or bad was the methodology for measuring the effectiveness? Since they used perceived and estimated times for a task (not real times and no control group).

Did the participants perceived that it was the software being evaluated and not them? This might affected the results, since if participants felt like they were evaluated, they might tend to answer that they figure out everything.

Did the "new toy syndrome" influenced the results?