Electronic Meeting Systems to Support Group Work
J.F. Nunamaker, A.R. Dennis, J.S. Valacich, D.R. Vogel, and J.F. George
Nov 15, 1999


It requires a facilitator. However not much about him/her is mentioned. Additionally, it requires pre-meeting planning, which involves more time and resources for the meeting. This augmented effort in preparing and planning the meeting may be one of the reasons for the better results obtained in the meetings, diffusing the influence of technology. Issues such as the increased cost, availability of facilitators, and requirements for stable organizations are not mentioned.

The system seems to be quite complex (enough to require a facilitator and support staff).

What is the Semantic Graphic Browser?

They mentioned a user population of 20,000 people. Are these all users of the meeting rooms, or just the headcount of the organizations housing the meeting rooms.

Interesting points are the anonymity as a degree and the stress of the situated nature of meetings.