Twinkling Lights and Nested Loops
B.A. Nardi and J.R. Miller

Sep 24, 1999


This was a very interesting paper. The most important point is the noticing of the fact that, given the proper characteristics, applications that originally were design as single-user can be used in a GroupWare fashion. In particular this paper analyzes how utilization of spreadsheets has evolved in a cooperative way. Some of the characteristics that facilitate this use, is the division of the programming into two levels. One, the formula writing, is kept as part of the main application such that users often do not realize that they are actually programming. The second and most advanced level is kept apart, and only when the user realize the need for programming and flow control is that they enter this level. This paper is useful as it presents suggestions for application design that enable the use of them as GroupWare, even if they are design for single users.