Experiences in the Use of a Media Space
M.M. Mantei, R.M. Baecker, A.J. Sellen, W.A.S. Buxton, T. Milligan, and B. Wellman
Nov 22, 1999


This is a straightforward article. However some features of the system prompt questions about possible issues of the system. In an interface where 4 faces appear in the screen, it would be very difficult to know who are you talking to (unless addressing everyone).

The authors bring the issues of bad angles and lighting. Fixing the camera position in reference to the face of the person could solve the bad angles issue. Eye-contact could be use by providing a heads-up display system that allow to position the camera behind the image of the eyes of the other person.

It seems from this work that while video-conferencing is better than the phone, it is worst than face-to-face.