The Information Lens: An Intelligent System For Information Sharing and Coordination
T.W. Malone, K.R. Grant, K.Y. Lai, R. Rao, and D.A. Rosenblitt

Oct 22, 1999


This paper seems to point in the directions that later on calendar systems have gone. However, as we known, the use of calendar systems is still limited as they always fall short of the required functionality.

Social protocols: "the system works...we only need to make you fit our idea of how you should work and behave"

However, supporting the multiple styles of use is not as easy as it may seem at first sight. This may cause keeping more than one calendar and the added work will promote the use of a single calendar (usually the paper one).

Maybe when all computers are portable and communication is not a limiting factor, electronic calendar systems will allow people to migrate from the paper to the purely electronic world.