Hypertext and Collaborative Work: The Example of Intermedia
G.P. Landow
Oct 27, 1999


This paper certainly promotes the model of hypertext inbred in Intermedia. However, the success of the web has displaced such model (even if some of the good features of hypermedia have been lost in the new model). Therefore, the distinction between author and reader is stronger in today WWW than in Intermedia. This work can be helpful in order to reconsider allowing annotating in WWW. This is not only interesting from a technical and social point of view, but also from a legal point of view.

Nevertheless, not only the good features of Intermedia where exalted. Some of the features not so relevant of where highly exalted. For instance, too much attention was set to the maps. This seems to coincide with the famous "lost in hypertext" issue that in the past decade was a popular research topic. However, the current opinion is that there is no 'lost in hypertext' issue. Additionally the maps do not scale very well.