ClearBoard: A Seamless Medium for Shared Drawing and Conversation with Eye Contact
H. Ishii and M. Kobayashi
Nov 29, 1999


The emphasis here is to integrate the shared space and face-to-face behaviors in order to avoid seams. This work differs from TWS (Ishii and Ohkubo) in that it is not enough just to provide both spaces (task and person) but they should also be integrated.

It is good as it provides gaze awareness. However, it is interesting the possible issues that might appear from the mirror-reverse (left-right) requirement. They might be discontinuities from speech to gestures (i.e. "it's on your left... no, your other left").

Interesting the effects of people not wanting to draw on the other's face image (although the authors claimed that this did not happened with this system).

It is limiting that you cannot access or manipulate the others lines and drawings.

It would be interesting to se if the liquid crystal approach would be more effective now, when such technology has matured more. In fact, this approach would allow to have stereoscopic video, making it even more interesting.