"GroupWare. Some Issues and Experiences"
C.A. Ellis, S.J. Gibbs, and G.L. Rein

Sep 1, 1990


The author express they believe that support for user-user interaction is required as opposed to just user-computer interaction. For the authors, GroupWare arises from the merging of computer and communications technologies. They define GroupWare computer-based systems that support groups of people in a common task (or goal) and that provide an interface to a shared environment. In this paper is introduced the famous time-space taxonomy for GroupWare. Then they proceed to classify different systems in their appropriate place in the time-space taxonomy, although some of the applications may fit in more than one quadrant. Among the systems they consider:

They point out that there have been several failures due to the naive assumptions made by the system designers. They notice that new interdisciplinary efforts are required in order to create an integrated approach to GroupWare design.