Liveboard: A Large Interactive Display Supporting Group Meetings, Presentations and Remote Collaboration
S. Elrod, R. Bruce, R. Gold, D. Goldberg, F. Halasz, W. Janssen, D.Lee, K. McCall, E. Pederson, K. Pier, J.Tang, and B.Welch
Nov 12, 1999


The Liveboard still emits light (versus a normal whiteboard that only reflects light). This has some differences in acceptance.

The time to start using is very significant. Just like a whiteboard, the Liveboard "just should be there". This was confirmed in the paper by the note that security personnel had to start all Liveboards before the day started.

In my experience the Liveboards where too slow (missed some gestures) and had a low resolution (writing and drawings always looked too edgy). This experience is congruent with the opinions of users expressed in the article.

A good feature for a surface like the Liveboard would be to be able to zoom in and out in any application.