The Computer Kingdom:
Using the Government Metaphor

A proposition of a metaphor for an Agency Environment relying in AGENTS and CRITTERS.


The Computer Kingdom:

UI Entity for Controlling Agents and Critters.

In the Computer Kingdom you are the absolute ruler, the King. You are capable of controlling everything in the kingdom. In order to aid you in your every desire, you have a all your Knights at your service ready to execute all your commands! The Knight are your AGENTS. Every Knight is capable of carrying out complex commands with the help of their Servants. The Servants are the Critters in the system. They carry out simpler tasks. Servants are under the orders of Knights. The different information you want to mapped geographically through out your kingdom. You can decide on how to geographically organize every thing in your country to accommodate your needs and desires. After all, you are the king!

KNIGHTS: your Agents

Your Knights or Agents will organize the work for you, by commanding a work force of Servants. Every Knights has a Shield with his Emblem. Only Knights have Shields and Emblem. This is how you identify a Knight.
One example of an Agent is the Anti Virus Knight. This Knight is in charge of keeping your kingdom virus free.

Other example is to command your Documentation Knight to help you with the creation, edition and administration of any document.


Servants: The Critters of Computer Kingdom

The servants realize simpler tasks than the Knights. They can serve exclusively a particular Knight or they can serve different Knights. It is also possible that more than one instance of a critter to exist. When ever you consider proper you can drag Servants under a Knight to allow the Knight the use of them.

The Calculator Servant. The Documentation Knight uses this Servant when ever some calculations are required to be performed and no special tool of application is necessary.

The Editor Servant. He can serve different Knights. The Documentation Knight is one who commands it. It is in charge of calling the appropriate tool or application when the Knight commands it.

The Killing Servant. Serves the Anti-Virus Knight. Destroys the virus found.

The Cleaner Servant. He serves different Knights. He cleans the object his Knight commands him to clean. This could mean to clean a Window, a Document or other object.

The Searching Servant. He also serves different Knights. He search within the objects specified the object of set of objects desired by his Knight.

The Graph Maker Servant. This Servant makes and analyzes graphs according to the instructions of his Knight.