The field of hypertext field has evolved much since its creation. From a single person idea it has evolved into a recognized research field in which people from all over the world work. Systems developed as a result of the research in the hypertext field, like the WWW, are changing the society as a whole.

While it took several decades for the hypertext to come out of the academic underground, during the last decade the field divided into several research threads. Nowadays new threads are originating as new problems are identified or different threads join and evolved into a new thread. The addition of complexity by the inclusion of different media is causing the development of new research threads and modification of concepts valid for an environment with limited media choices.

In the following sections the terms hypermedia and hypertext are used as synonymous. The next section presents a view of the current research threads a brief description of them and their origins. The last section presents a view on the future work for the field. As this document is composed from the conclusions created resulting from reading a bast amount of papers, in many cases it is difficult to single out a particular work. Therefore the referred work is grouped by research threads. This references do not comprehend all work related with the research thread but they are considered relevant. Also,some overlapping of threads is possible since some work may be related with more than one research thread.

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