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Interaction Standards and Conventions. It is important to define conventions for the presentation and the behavior of time-based media. Better integration of Hy-Time with HTML is required. Also the experience with hypervideo, hyperspeech and hyperaudio is still limited and a better rhetoric needs to be developed. Especially when considering navigation issues between different media styles.

Semantic Parsers. Research that may help time-based hypermedia such as hypervideo is the semantic parsers based on graphic search engines. These parsers may provide on-line character recognition in video. This character recognition implies that the system would be able to recognize and make sense of images in the video such as the presence and position of a character or actor. This would allow authors to define links such that the personal biography of the actor may be access by simply clicking on top of the person in the video, no matter where is on the relative position of the display and considering that may have changing characteristics (face gestures, angle, different clothes, etc.). This would be easier than having to manually analyze each frame and set the position for hot-spots.

Authoring Systems. Not only is required to explore the different affordances of time-based hypermedia, but also is important to explore the support that author and users will require. By adding the time concept and presentation specifications a new level of complexity is included, therefore even old problems such as the lost in space may develop new twists. Also it is important to research the different way to integrate time-based hypermedia with the more static hypermedia such as text and graphics.

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