Paper-Based Metaphor

A paper document metaphor is more appropriate than the desktop metaphor for an active reading machine. Design and describe the paper-based metaphor for your active reading machine and give scenarios that make your point.

As discused in the Desktop Metaphor section, a more directly related metaphor with the task domain is better. This way is easier for the person to transfer the knowledge from the prevoiuly known domain to the new task domain. Also, the metaphor should be used as much as possible in order to reduce the risk of breaking down. one real world object that has been used for storing text and other kinds of readable informatino is the paper. Its simlicity makes it very user-friendly. For the active reading machine it seems like a very proper metaphor, since the objective is to support at least every reading functionality that is posible to accomplish with paper and then some more.

Some of the characteristics of paper that makes it a proper metaphor are next.

The active reading machine can use this metaphor as the main metaphor for the system and may use some composite metaphors when ever seems appropriate. For instance, for some of the automated functionalities, the paper-based metaphor would break, since paper does not afford an automated behavior. Nevertheless agents could be integrated with the system that represent the automated functionality of the system.

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