Handout 2: 8/30/99
Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 436-802

Specification for daily presentations

Each student will be responsible for presenting one chapter of the text and for finding resources on two other chapters. The duties of each of these roles is described below.

Duties of the presenter

Duties of the resource finders

Duties of the class as a whole

I expect that we will have a PC and projection equipment available at each class. However, the PC may not be connected to the network.

If due to time conflicts or other reasons you are unable to schedule a daily presentation, you should prepare an independent research topic presentation of equivalent length. You will need to schedule a time with the instructor to present this to the class. There should be no difficulty with scheduling discussant duties, as more than two discussants can be assigned to a particular chapter.

You may find the lecture slides from a previous class to be of use. These can be accessed off of the course's Web site. Please remember, however, that these slides were intended to be presented over the entire 50 minute course period, so your presentations will have to be much more concise.