Chapter 25 Resources

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Mon, 25 Oct 1999 09:37:27 -0500

Chapter 25 - Standards and Metrics
ANSI Website:
ANSI Need of Standard on Human Factors and Ergonomics:
ISO Website:
ISO Webpage for ISO9000:
ISO Search Engine for Standards (9241):  
Style Guides
General page with links to several style guides:
Apple's developer web page with style guide links:
Yale's web site style guide:
Sun's style guide:
Microsoft Developer's website:
Microsoft Developer Search engine (search for "style guide")
Microsoft Human Factors Site - Good UI Design
Microsoft: Ensuring Quality Design:
Microsoft Explorer Style Guide:
Microsoft: Building Explorer-like Applications:
Microsoft Snap-in User Interface:
UI Style Guide Book:
Metric Implementation:
US Army Software Metrics:
Book on Software Metrics (E/R Diagram):
Metric Software: