Term project presentations

Richard Furuta (furuta)
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 10:05:09 -0500 (CDT)

Because our speaker didn't show up today, we spent some time in class making
assignments for term project presentation slots. The teams that were not
present in class have been randomly assigned the remaining available slots,
which fall on Wednesday April 28 and Friday April 30. The specific assignments
are below, and also may be found on the courses' Web page. Presentations
should be 10 minutes in length. I realize that some of the earlier teams may
not have a "finished product" by the time of the presentation, so a report of
work in progress is acceptable.

Wednesday, April 28

1.Saville and Singletary
2.Sharp and Laurents
3.Rader and Voxland

Friday, April 30

1.Elizondo and Gonzales
3.Iikura and Sapien
4.Nelson and Holtsmith

Monday, May 3

1.Bosley, Buffington, van Scoit, and Whitted
2.Burrows and Martin
3.Hernandez and Rosales
4.Knoll and Smith

Tuesday, May 4

1.Gutierrez, Johnson, and Nguyen
2.Easton and Ngo