CPSC 689/602--Special Topics in Digital Libraries
Fall Semester 1998

Report one--Due Monday, October 26, 1998

The assignment is to prepare a survey paper on a topic of relevance to the course.  The collection of papers will be made available to the class.  You should write this as a scholarly paper, so locate, examine, analyze and most importantly cite, materials. Your paper may be as long (or short) as necessary to cover the topic adequately, but your target should be around 6000 words. You are to turn in two things:
  1. A URL pointing to the paper in HTML
  2. A printed copy of the paper
The topic may be one of your choosing.  While this is an individual project, you should coordinate your topic selection with other members of the class to avoid duplication.  Some suggested topics follow:
Richard Furuta

September 23, 1998