Handout 1: 1/20/98

CPSC 671-600, Computer-Human Interaction, Spring 1998

Tu Th 2:20-3:35, HRBB 113

Course Syllabus

Course Instructor: Richard Furuta, HRBB 402C, 845-3839, furuta@cs.tamu.edu
Office hours: Tu Th 3:35-4:30, or by appointment

Required textbookL Ronald M. Baecker, Jonathan Grudin, William A. S. Buxton, and Saul Greenberg. Human-Computer Interaction: Toward the Year 2000. Second edition. Morgan Kaufmann. 1995.

Course Web pages: http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/~furuta/671

Approximate grading scheme:

15% Midterm exam Thursday March 12, 1998
15% Final exam Wednesday 5/13/98, 1-3pm
25% Semester project
15% Assignments
15% Class participation
15% Paper summaries


  1. Check the course's Web pages regularly for new announcements. If you need to contact me outside of regularly scheduled times, please use electronic mail.
  2. Examinations will be comprehensive and will cover all course material to date (i.e., both readings and discussions). Examinations will be closed-book unless otherwise specified.
  3. There will be no makeup examinations. If you have a valid medical excuse, the examination component of your grade will be computed based on the other examination.
  4. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date. Due dates will be set to give ample time for completion of the project and will not be extended save for the unexpected and unlikely major, long-lived catastrophy. Individual accomodations will be discussed if you have a valid medical excuse. Last minute computer malfunction or work assigned in other classes will not be accepted as valid reason for delaying an assignment's due date. (Changes to an assignment's due date will generally be avoided because they are unfair to those students who have organized their time to complete the assignment). Late assignments will be decremented by 30% per day or fraction of day late, starting at class time.