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  Personal Information

  Full Name: Jin-Cheon Na

  My Country: Korea

  Wife: Myung-Ah Lee

  Daughter: Sang-Yoon Na, Family Picture

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      January, '98 - Present:

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science at Texas A&M University

       May, '90 :

MS in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University

      February, '87 :

BS in Electrical Engineering from HanYang University

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      August, '97 - December, '97 :

Teaching & Research Assistant, Computer Science Department at OSU

      May, '91 - May, '97 :

Researcher, Agency for Defense Development

      August, '89 - May, '91 :

Teaching Assistant, Computer Science Department at OSU

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Interested Area

      Hypermedia & Digital Library(Center for the Study of Digital Libraries)

      Database System

      Knowledge-Based System

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By Jin-Cheon Na ( jincheon@cs.tamu.edu ), Updated on January 25, 1998