Handout 3: 9/18/97
Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 489
Term Project Specification

The assignment is very broad: choose a topic of interest within the domain of Human-Computer Interaction and carry out a cohesive, complete project based around it. The topics can range from the theoretical to the practical. However, I think the most interesting problems will be ones in which you identify and work with some "client" to develop a solution to one of their problems. Below I will describe potential projects associated with one "client" as example of what you might want to do along these lines. Some suggestions of general areas include:

You may work individually or in teams. A team can be as large as you want it to be, but correspondingly larger results will be expected from larger teams. All members of a team will receive the same grade for a group project. You will need to present a project proposal to the instructor and will be expected to prepare a final report (written) and an oral presentation (in class).

The following deadlines are relevant.

As example, I will now discuss one of our lab's projects that has some specific needs. This is the Cervantes project, dealing with the works of the author of Don Quijote (see http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/cervantes). Some possible areas for Web-based projects, appropriate most likely for a group, are:

Contact the instructor if you are interested in working on these. Other projects may be possible for some of the lab's other topic areas as well (e.g., TAMU Herbaria, K-12 Web use).