Handout 4: 10/16/97
Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 489
Assignment 1
In-class presentation: Thursday October 30, 1997
Written report due: Thursday November 6, 1997

The goal of this assignment is to describe and analyze a user interface. The project is to be carried out in a group of two or three students. The project has two "deliverables"--an oral presentation, in class, of about 10 minutes duration and a written report, 1000 words or longer. Both reports should present both aspects of the project--interface description and interface analysis.

Select a computer-based interface of your choice. Some ideas of interfaces that you might consider include: stand-alone PC applications (e.g., word processors, spread sheets, time management tools, etc.), embedded systems (e.g., POS terminals, public kiosks, video games, etc.), networked information systems (e.g., library catalogues, course registration systems, Web-based resources, etc.). Describe the interface, considering at least the following elements: goal of interface; expected user characteristics; any special environmental considerations; required hardware environment including specialized input/output devices; functions provided. Analyze the interface, considering at least the following considerations: successfulness in achieving goal; successfulness in usability for intended user population/environment (including character- istics that indicate adaptation for use situation); consistency (or inconsistency) of interface; novel features; elements requiring improvement and assessment of how to go about achieving improvement. If possible, also indicate if there are competitors to this product and if so briefly indicate what they are.