CPSC 689/602--Special Topics in Computer Supported Collaborative Work
Lecture: MWF 10:20-11:10 HRBB 126
Course Web pages are at http://www.cs.tamu.edu/course-info/cpsc689/spring97/furuta
Instructor: Richard Furuta, HRBB 402C, 845-3839, furuta@cs.tamu.edu
Office hours: M 1:30-3:30, or by appointment

This course is designed to cover comprehensively the area concerned with the design, implementation, and use of technical systems that support people working collaboratively. These systems are collectively known as Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) or Groupware systems. Course content will include coverage of the current theoretical, practical, technical, and social issues in CSCW and future directions of the field. Major research issues will include theoretical models of cooperative work, computer-mediated communication, group decision support systems (GDSS), situation theory, and technical innovations such as electronic meeting rooms, liveboards, shared editors, and synchronous and asynchronous communication technologies. Emphasis will be on previous, current, and future research in CSCW.

Required texts:

Approximate Grading Scheme:
  30%     2 Exams
  15%     Lab assignments
  20%     Term project
  15%     Paper reports
  10%     Paper summaries
  10%     Discussion and class participation

Procedural notes