CPSC 689/602--Special Topics in Computer Supported Collaborative Work

Format information for paper summaries and reports

Paper Summaries

A paper summary is to be turned in by each student for each paper read. Unless stated otherwise the summaries are due at the beginning of the class for which the paper has been assigned. Paper summaries should be about a page in length (longer is OK if you need space) and should have the following information:

Paper Reports

A report will be written about each of the papers we read and posted on the course's Web pages. The report is to give a brief overview of the paper and its significance. It should tell someone why they want to read the paper and what they will learn from it.

The responsibility for writing these reports will cycle through the students in the class. At the end of the term each student should have written essentially the same number of reports as every other. Unless otherwise specified, reports are due before the beginning of the next class session following completion of discussion of the paper.

Reports are to be filled out in HTML using the template available from the class' Web pages. After completion, mail the report to the instructor.

The information contained in a report includes: