CPSC 689/602--Spring 1997
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Paper Report

Title GestureCam: A video Communication System for Sympathetic Remote Collaboration
Authors: H. Kuzauka, T. Kosuge and M. Tanaka
Citation: Computer Supported Cooperative Work '94 Cambridge MA USA pp.35-43

Summary: The current cscw is to expore the two dimemensional collabrations such as drawing, editing and etc. The authors in this paper studies the approach of cscw in three dimensional environment. GestureCam is a further development of the the SharedView. This system is primarilly used in the remote instruction. This is asymetric system, the instructor and the operator has the different setups. 1. SharedView: a video communication system used in spatial workspace collaboration. 2. The operator wear the SharedView which has a Head Mounted Display(HMD) and a SharedCamera. 3. The shared camera is able to follow the operator's eye movement. The picture will send out to the instructor so that the instructor will see what the operator see. On the other hand, the operator will see what is the instructor is doing through the head mounted display. 4. The philosophy behind the improvement: It is important for the operator to feel that the system is the extension of the instructor's body and to feel sympathy to the system. 5. Problems of SharedView: a. It is difficult for the instructor to point a position to the operators. They found this is due to the out of coordination between the instructor and operator when they are changing their field of view. This is beacuse the shared view always show the instructor the object that was in the operator' field. 6. New requirement for the Gesturecam system: a. Independency of field of View. b. predictability c. confidence in transmission. e. sympathy to the system. 7. New equipments in Gesturecam system:Mater-slave controlled camera; laser pointer; touch-sensitive CRT.
Report prepared by: Xiaogang Wu Email: x0w1553@cs.tamu.edu
Discussion date: 4-14-97            Report date: 4-24-97