CPSC 689/602--Spring 1997
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Paper Report

Title: The Impact of Technological Support on Groups: An Assessment of the Empirical Research
Authors: A. Pinsonneault and K. L. Kraemer
Citation: Decision Support System 5(1989) 197-216
Reprinted in: 754-773 (In "Groupware and computer-supported Cooperative Work");

Summary: Summary and analyze the data published in some of the researches done on the impact of technologies on group process. The data published are analyzed, the variables are categorized into the authors' framework. These two authors reanalyze the data collected in other people in their own framework.

(1) The technological support considered here are group decision support systems (GDDS.) and group communication support system (GCSS).
(2) The impact of technologies are measured as the impact upon four factors:
(a) Contextual variables: including personal factors such as attitude and abilities; Situation factors: why need a group and stages in group development; Group structure: technological support for the group.
(b) Group process: including decisional characteristics, communication characteristics, and interpersonal characteristics.
(c)Task related outcomes. characteristics of the decision, implementation of the decision(cost, ease, ...) and attitude of group members.
(d) Group-related outcome: Attitude toward the group process(satisfaction, willingness to work with the group in the future). In plain English it states the following: In a group environment(contextual variables) what is the impact of the technology on the group decision or group communications (group process, task related outcomes and group-related outcomes)?
The results are shown in tables in the paper. Generally speaking, the technology studied help with the cooperation among the group members.

Report prepared by: Xiaogang Wu Email: x0w1553@cs.tamu.edu
Discussion date: 3-31-97            Report date: 4-2-97