CPSC 689/602--Spring 1997
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Paper Report

Title: Capturing Organizational Memory
Authors: E. Jeffrey Conklin
Citation: Groupware '92, Pages 133-137, 1992
Reprinted in: Baecker, R.M, Readings in Groupware and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, San Francisco, 1993 , pp.561-565

Organizational memory: the record of an organization that is embodied in a set of documents and artifacts. The problem is not a scarcity of documents and artifacts for the organizational memory, but rather the quality, content, and organization of this material.

For an organization to augment its memory it must shift from the currently pervasive document- and artifact-oriented paradigm (or culture) to one the embraces process as well.

This process-oriented paradigm requires a new kind of computer system which integrates three technologies:

The growth of networked computers for all phases of information work promises to provide the "nervous system" that would support this increased capture and reuse.

Report prepared by: Haowei Hsieh, Email: haowei@cs.tamu.edu
Discussion date: 03/07/97            Report date: 03/17/97