CPSC 689/602--Spring 1997
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Paper Report

Title:Increasing Personal Connections
Authors:Lee Sproull and Sara Kiesler
Citation: Connections: New Ways of Working in the Networked Organizations. 1991. pp.79-101. Published by The MIT Press.
Reprinted in:Groupware and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work pp418-430

Summary: This article discuss the how the electronic communication can help enhance the communication among the employees and the between employees and the employers.

1. Employees are the most important part of a company in the sense that the it is the employees that interact with the outside world not the employer.

2. In the old style communications in an organization, the communication between the employer and employee is one way. The employeeþs is at the end of the communication. The only purpose of involvement of the employee in this type of communication is for them to carry out the instructions. The problem for this type of communication is that the employee do not emotionally connected to the company.

3. Modern electronic make it convenient for the employee communicate among themselves and the communications between employee and employers. This could tremendous impact on the relationships between employer and employee.

Report prepared by: Xiaogang Wu Email: x0w1553@cs.tamu.edu
Discussion date: 2-21-97            Report date: 2-23-96