CPSC 689/602--Spring 1997
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Paper Report

Title: How to run a meeting
Authors: Antony Jay
Citation: Harvard Business Review 54(2),43-57,1976
Reprinted in:Groupware and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work pp130-144

Meeting is one of the most common group activities. There are 11 million meeting conducted in the America every day as the author noted. However, most of the meetings are just waste of time. They did not achieve anything. This articleexplores how to run a meeting effectively. Of the six functions of the meeting listed by the author only two of them directly deals with the group target attainment. All the rest is about human relations.
1. A good meeting should have the following elements:
(a) Goal setting: The goal of a meeting has to be clearly stated in the agenda.
(b) Items to be discussed in the meeting.
(c) Measures to be taken.
(d) There must be some legislative measures to guarantee what determined in a meetingto be carried out.
2. Techniques to hold a good meeting.
(a) size of a meeting: For a committee meeting ( the meeting discussed in this paper) the size should not be over 10.
(b) Write certain things explicitly down on the agenda of a meeting: Items to be discussed;
Finishing time of the meeting. A meeting should not last over 2 hr. Consider the order of the items on the agenda. (c) Have a proper structure of the discussion: For different kind of meeting the order of should be different. It is the chairman's responsibility for the structure of the meeting.
(d) Have a proper way to deal with the participants:
(i) Encourage everyone to discuss the issue at hand. Don't be afraid of the clashes of ideas in the meeting.
(ii) Control the discussion so that not spend much time on trivial.
(e) Have a follow-up of the meeting.

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