CPSC 681 seminar, Spring 1997

Monday, February 10, 1997
Computing on the Star Interconnection Network
Dr. Ranjan K. Sen
Computer Science Department
Louisiana Tech University
The star interconnection network has a lower degree and diameter than the hypercube. However, many algorithms that are designed for the hypercube does not scale easily on the star network. We shall talk about two ranking schemes that would make such algorithms to run with comparable efficiency.
About the speaker:
Dr. Sen Obtained the M.Sc.in Physics (Electronics) from Bombay University in 1974 and the Ph.D. in Radiophysics and Electronics from Calcutta University in 1979. He has recieved the M.N.Saha award from the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers for best paper contribution in 1977-78. Dr. Sen was a faculty member in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the Indian Institute of Technology from 1979 to 1996. He also worked at Hampton University during 1988-90 and at Western Washington University during 1995-96. Currently he is working at the Louisiana Tech University. Dr. Sen's main academic interest is in designing parallel and distributed computing systems and VLSI using graph theoretic combinatorial models. He has published papers in the areas of interconnection networks, parallel algorithms, processor mapping, dataflow and systolic algorithms. He teaches programming, computer network design, parallel and distributed algorithms, and graph theory.

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