CPSC 610-600 Hypertext/Hypermedia Systems
Spring Semester 1996
Lab 1
Due Wednesday, January 24, 1996
10 points

For this assignment, you are to create a Web home page containing at least the following elements:

If you have never created Web pages before http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/demoweb/html-primer.html gives an introduction to HTML, the language used to write the pages. If you already have a home page that contains the needed elements, you can use it for this lab.

On or before the due date, email me the URL for your page (furuta@cs.tamu.edu). I will add a pointer to the pages I receive to the list at http://slx13.cs.tamu.edu:8000/, so this is a way to make sure that I received your URL. (The hostname has the letter l and then the number 1 in it.) You may use any Web server that you have access to. A special server has been set up for the class' use at the above mentioned URL. To use this, do the following from your CS department account:

You don't want to make this your global URL since the directory will be going away at the end of the semester and in any case I don't think it's accessible off campus.

A scanner is available in Teague in the graphics lab. You may also contact me to make arrangements to use our lab's digital camera (subject to availability).