CPSC 610, Spring 1996
A collection of assignments

A summary of key dates:
Thursday, February 15 Lab 1 due
Tuesday, February 20 Term project prospectus due
Thursday, February 29 Technology assessments due/presented.
April 23 and 25 Term project in-class presentations
April 25 Term project writeups due

Term Project

The topic of the term project is open. A proposal is required so that I can give you feedback on the appropriateness of your choice. You might want to propose the creation of a large-scale hypertext for some particular application, an implementation of a model or of a service needed for hypertext (examples: a set of routines that permit validation of Web pages; a set of "document management" routines to structure the development of a hypertext), a library research project, or some combination (example: convincing evidence that the "lost in hyperspace" problem does or does not exist).

The term project may be either individual or group; your choice. The complexity of the project expected depends on the size of the group. If it's a group project, all members of the group will receive the same grade for the project.

Lab 1

This is an individual lab. Create a set of web pages illustrating the use of a form and of an ismap. Simple is ok. Turn in the URL to your pages and a printout of the code you used in implementation. One example of a form would be one for collecting comments. This would let you type in a block of text and then would append the text typed in to a collective page (probably with some identity information appended). An example of an ismap would be a picture with a circle that took you to one location if you clicked within the circle and somewhere else if you clicked outside of the circle.

For resources, see the web pages off of http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/demoweb/html-primer.html /pub/610web/httpd_1.5a/cgi-src

Technology Assessment

This is a group project--groups of 3 to 5.

Each group will select a different hypertext system from a list to be provided (or propose another one that you have access to), will use the system extensively trying to figure out as much as possible about its capabilities and shortcomings, will prepare a written report describing the results of that exercise and evaluation, and will present a short (20 minute) presentation to the class describing and discussing the system.

I know of the following systems on our systems: KMS, Guide (Unix), Microcosm (only on the PC in 344), and StorySpace (Mac only). Also acceptable will be "exotic" Web-based clients (e.g., VRML-based browsers, etc.).