Handout 2: 9/5/95
Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 489
Laboratory 1: Writeup due Tuesday September 19, 1995
This assignment is to be carried out individually

As part of a departmental research project, you are invited to participate in the evaluation of a new interface. Participation is entirely voluntary. If you choose not to participate in the evaluation, the researchers will sign you up for the "training" phase alone--the rest of the experiment will not be carried out. If you choose not to participate, please contact the researchers directly to be scheduled into a time slot. Further information is given below. The assignment is to write a brief paper evaluating the computer interface. Expected length is about 1000 words. Be as precise as you can, giving supporting evidence from the text. You will be given a "magic identifier," which you should include in your writeup so I know what you saw. Please do not discuss details about the interface with others until after September 13th--discussion could invalidate the researchers' results.

Computer-Human Interaction students,

We are investigating how people use different media to deal with information and are looking for volunteers to perform a short decision-making task. The task will involve looking through pre-selected articles from the trade press about software packages. Following the task we will ask you to answer a few questions about your experience. The total time of participation will be less than 90 minutes.

If you decide to participate, please provide your name, electronic mail address, and phone number in a time slot on our sign-up sheet, which is available in 414A H.R. Bright building. Time slots are available from Thursday, September 7 through Tuesday, September 12. If you would like to participate but none of the time-slots meet your scheduling needs, please contact us directly and we can try to arrange another time.

Please arrive promptly to room HRBB 414-A at the time you signed up for. If something happens that keeps you from making it at the scheduled time, please contact us by phone or email to let us know.

Should you be interested in learning more about our work, we would be happy to provide more information after you complete the task.

Thank you,

Frank Shipman (862-3216, shipman@cs.tamu.edu)
Cathy Marshall