Handout 3: 1/23/08

CPSC 675-600: Term Project Specification

Project written report due Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Project presentations, in class on Monday 4/28/08 and Tuesday 4/29/08

Status reports due in-class on dates to be announced

The project is to create a digital library from a significantly-sized collection. The project is a team project with each team having two or three members. Teams should be formed taking special care to include both domain-oriented and technically-oriented students. Available collections will be described in class.

The digital library should be complete in that it should support organization of, access to, and maintenance of the collection. There should be separate interfaces for collection viewers and collection maintainers.

Maintainers should be able to

Viewers should be able to You should identify and use well-recognized standards when appropriate for encoding the collection's content. You may use off-the-shelf software if you can find appropriate systems to use in building your library. However, much of the grade for the project will be based on the amount of your added contribution.

The oral presentation should demonstrate the viewer and maintainer interfaces.

Your written report should