CPSC 675-600: Digital Libraries--Spring 2008--course schedule

Monday 1/14/08
	Class introduction; handouts 1 and 2

Wednesday 1/16/08
	Demonstrations--Carlos Monroy

Friday 1/18/08
	Discussion of reading:
	Chapter one of 
	Ian H. Witten and David Bainbridge.
		How to Build a Digital Library.
		Morgan Kaufmann, July 2002.

Monday 1/21/08 -- off (MLK holiday); Assignment 0 due 1/22/08

Wednesday 1/23/08
	Handout 3 (Term project specification)
	Demonstrations continue--Carlos Monroy
	Discussion of term project

Friday 1/25/08
	Discussion of reading:
	Vannevar Bush, As We May Think, Atlantic Monthly, July 1945
	Jeffrey Pomerantz, Sanghee Oh, Seungwon Yang, Edward A. Fox,
		and Barbara M. Wildemuth.
		The Core: Digital Library Education in Library and
		Information Science Programs.
		D-Lib Magazine, Volume 12, Number 11, November 2006.

Monday 1/28/08
	Discuss term project
	Discuss readings on humanities digital libraries.  Read the "Articles"
	section in
	March 2006 D-Lib Magazine issue (Vol. 12, No. 3)
		Gregory Crane, Editor,
		Special Issue on Digital Library Evolution

Wednesday 1/30/08
	Complete Monday's discussion
	Chapter 3 of Arms' Digital Libraries: Libraries and Publishers

Friday 2/1/08
	Introduction to Metadata: Setting the Stage
	Introduction to Metadata: Metadata and the World Wide Web

Monday 2/4/08
	Read first four chapters of Digital Imaging Tutorial and skim rest
	(Basic Termminology, Selection, Conversion, Quality Control):

Wednesday 2/6/08
	Digital Preservation Tutorial (lengthy--allocate enough time to work
	through it):

Friday 2/8/08
	Continue/complete earlier readings
	Get a start on:
	Marshall, C.C., McCown, F., and Nelson, Michael L. 
	Personal Archiving Strategies for Internet-based Information. 
	Proceedings of Archiving 2007. (Arlington, Virginia, May 21-24,
	2007), Society for Imaging Science and Technology, Springfield, VA,
	2007, pp. 151-156.

	Marshall, C.C., Bly, S., and Brun-Cottan, F. 
	Long Term Fate of Our Personal Digital Belongings: Toward a Service Model for
	Personal Archives. 
	Proceedings of Archiving 2006. (Ottawa, Canada, May 23-26, 2006),
	Society for Imaging Science and Technology, Springfield, VA, 2006,
	pp. 25-30.

Monday 2/11/08
	Handout 4 announced

	Michael K. Buckland,
	"What is a 'Document'?",
	JASIS, volume 48, number 9, pp. 804-809, 1997.

	David M. Levy. "Fixed or fluid?: Document stability and new media"
	Proceedings of the 1994 ACM European Conference on Hypermedia
	ACM press, pp. 24-31.

Wednesday 2/13/08
	Choose digital library for assignment in Handout 4
	Continue paper discussions

Friday 2/15/08
	Work on your projects

Monday 2/18/08
	Term project reviews--prepare 10 minute presentation on each project

Wednesday 2/20/08
	Schilit, Price, and Golovchinsky.  Digital Library Information
	Appliances, DL 1998, pp. 217-226

	Marshall, Price, Golovchinsky, Schilit.  Introducting a Digital Library
	Reading Appliance into a Reading Group.  DL 1999, pp. 77-84.

Friday 2/22/08
	Marshall.  Towards an ecology of Hypertext Annotation.  HT 1998,
	pp. 40-49.

	Wolfe.  Effects of annontations on student readers and writers.
	DL 2000, pp. 19-26.

Monday 2/25/08
	Goble, Harper, and Stevens.  The travails of visually impaired web
	travellers. HT 2000, pp. 1-10.
	Duncker.  Cross-cultural usability of the library metaphor.  JCDL 2002,
	pp. 223-230.

Wednesday 2/27/08
	Witten and Bainbridge.  A Retrospective Look at Greenstone: Lessons
	from the first decade.  JCDL 2007, pp. 147-156.

	Chu, Bainbridge, Jones, and Witten.  Realistic books: a bizarre homage
	to an obsolete medium?  JCDL 2004, pp. 78-86.

Friday 2/29/08
	Work on your projects

Monday 3/3/08
	DL overview presentations

Wednesday 3/5/08
	DL overview presentations

Friday 3/7/08

3/10/08-3/14/08--Spring break

Monday 3/17/08
	Term project reviews--prepare 10 minute presentation on each project

Wednesday 3/19/08
	Arms, et al.  Building a research library for the history of the web.
	JCDL 2006, pp. 95-102.

	Catherine C. Marshall.  The gray lady gets a new dress: a field
	study of the Times news reader.  JCDL 2007, pp. 259-268.

Friday 3/21/08--off (reading day)

Monday 3/24/08
	Kustanowitz and Shneiderman. Meaningful presentations of photo
	libraries: rationale and applications of bi-level radial quantum
	layouts.  Jcdl 2005, pp. 188-196.

	Lagoze, et al.  Metadata aggregation and "automated digital
	libraries": a retrospective on the NSDL experience.  JCDL 2006,
	pp. 230-239.

Wednesday 3/26/08
	David Levy.  To grow in wisdom: vannevar bush, information overload,
	and the life of leisure.  JCDL 2005, pp. 281-286.

	Graham, et al. Time as essence for photo browsing through personal
	digital libraries.  JCDL 2002, pp. 326-335.

Friday 3/28/08
	Wildemuth, et al.  How fast is too fast? Evaluating fast forward
	surrogates for digital video.  JCDL 2003, pp. 221-230.

	Helen Tibbo.  Primarily history: historians and the search for primary
	source materials.  JCDL 2002, pp. 1-10.

Monday 3/31/08
	Handout 5: research proposal assignment

	Sumner, et al.  Understanding educator perceptions of "quality" in
	digital libraries.  JCDL 2003, pp. 269-279.

	Druin, et al.  Children's interests and concerns when using the
	International Children's Digital ibray:  A four-country case study.
	JCDL 2007, p. 167-176.

Wednesday 4/2/08
	C. Lee Giles, et al.  CiteSeer: an automatic citation indexing system.
	DL 1998, pp. 89-98.

	Min-Yen Kan.  SlideSeer: A digital library of aligned document and
	presentation pairs.  JCDL 2007, pp. 81-90.

Friday 4/4/08
	No class

Monday 4/7/08 and Wednesday 4/9/08
	Smith, et al. DSpace: An Open Source Dynamic Digital Repository.
	D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 1, January 2003.

	Staples, et al.  The Fedora Project: An Open-source Digital Object
	Repository Management System.  D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 4,
	April 2003.

	Davis.  Institutional Repositories: Evaluating the Reasons for Non-use
	of Cornell University's Installation of DSpace.  D-Lib Magazine,
	Vol. 13, No. 3/4, March/April 2007.

	Phillips, et al.  Manakin: A New Face for DSpace.
	D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 13, No. 11/12, November/December 2007.

	See also http://www.dspace.org/ http://www.eprints.org/
	http://www.fedora.info/ http://www.fedora-commons.org/

Friday 4/11/08
	Harnad.  For Whom the Gate Tolls? (2001/2003)

	Pinfield and James.  The Digital Preservation of e-Prints.  D-Lib
	Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 9, September 2003.

Monday 4/14/08
	Choi and Rasmussen.  What do digital librarians do.  JCDL 2006,
	pp. 187-188.

	Davis, et al.  Template-based authoring of educational artifacts.  JCDL
	2006, pp. 242-243.

	Marshall, Reitsma, and Cyr.  Standards or semantics for curriculum
	search?  JCDL 2007, pp. 181-182.

	Chang, et al.  Collection Understanding.  JCDL 2004, pp. 334-342.

Wednesday 4/16/08
	Gronbaek, et al.  InfoGallery: Informative art services for physical
	library spaces.  JCDL 2006, pp. 21-30.

Friday 4/18/08
	Work day

Monday 4/21/08
	Shen, et al.  What is a Successful Digital Library?  ECDL 2006,
	pp. 208-219.

	Buchanan and Loizides.  Investigating Document Triage on Paper and
	Electronic Media.  ECDL 2007, pp. 416-427.

Wednesday 4/23/08
	Phelps and Wilensky. The multivalent browser: a platform for new
	ideas.  DocEng 2001, pp. 58-67.

	Corubolo, et al.  Location and Format Independent Distributed
	Annotations for Collaborative Research.  ECDL 2007, pp. 495-498.

	Winget.  Annotation functionality for digital libraries supporting
	collaborative performance: an example of musical scores.  JCDL 2007,
	pp. 305-305.

Friday 4/25/08
	Candela, et al., Setting the Foundations of Digital Libraries: the
	DELOS Manifesto. D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 13, No. 3/4, March/April 2007.

	Lynch.  Where do we go from here?  The next decade for digital
	libraries.  D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 7/8, July/August 2005

Monday 4/28/08
	Term project presentations

Tuesday 4/29/08
	Proposal assignment due
	Term project presentations

April 21, 2008