Handout 4: 1/19/05

CPSC 671-600: Term Project Specification

Proposal due date: Friday, February 18, 2005

Project written report due Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Project presentations, in class on and following Monday, April 25, 2005

As term project in this class you are to identify a problem to be solved by a computer interface, and then design and prototype a solution. Evaluation is to be incorporated into both design and also prototyping. The project is to be a group project; groups of size three to five are probably most appropriate. Different members of the class will have different skills, so you should choose your groups to emphasize a range of skills rather than a strict focus on a particular type of skill (e.g., don't just get a bunch of implementation specialists together in your group). All team members will receive the same grade on the assignment.

Problem identification

The strongest problem (and most likely the easiest to work on) will be one that meets an identifiable need. A good problem will have an identifiable client who is willing to work with you in developing a solution. The domain of the problem is up to the team to select. It can be something related to an interest, something related to a job, something related to research, something related to your kids (if you have any), etc. If it is related to another class, however, you should be clear to separate the work that will be done for this class from the work done for another so that you can adequately justify the contribution you have made for each class.


A written proposal is to be turned in for feedback. The proposal should describe:

Project report

The project report (written) is to be an overall presentation of the problem, the design, the prototype, the respective evaluations, and a discussion of lessons learned. This is the "archival" description of your project, so it should be complete and understandable on its own.

Project presentations

Oral project presentations/demonstrations will be scheduled in-class. Signups for time slots will be available later in the semester.

Turn in materials on paper and place a copy on your course Web site. Please include your email address on all materials turned in.