Handout 4: 1/20/04

Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 436-500

Assignment 1: Interface scavenger hunt

Due Thursday, January 29, 2004 (class discussion also)
Put your name and email addresses on materials turned in
Interface scavenger hunt

This project is to be carried out in self-selected groups of three.

Creating effective user interfaces can be difficult. Moreover, the desirable characteristics of an interface reflects external factors such as audience, task, and culture. This holds equally for computer-based and physically-based applications. Consequently, for any specific function, there are many different designs that can be used to allow access.

The assignment is to choose a specific function (computer or physical) and then to find two existing interface implementations that allow it to be carried out. Ideally, the two will be substantially different. Obtain images (e.g., screen dumps, photographs) of the implementations in use. Which of the implementations seems "better": why and for whom? Why do you think the different implementations are the way they are, especially the "worse" one?

What to turn in: