Handout 7: 3/23/04

Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 436-500

Assignment 2: Icon Design Lab

Due Tuesday, April 6, 2004

The materials to be completed are: (1) paper copy of your document (in class); (2) electronic copy of your document on your Web site; (3) email pointer to the electronic copy to unmil@csdl.tamu.edu (this is a special requirement for this assignment only) Put your name and email addresses on materials turned in

This assignment is to be completed individually.

Visit the Texas A&M Libraries Website (http://library.tamu.edu/). This Website contains several links (that can be followed off of text prompts) off of a menu below the image on the left side of the page (Home, Services,...). Clicking on each of these links causes a second level of links to be displayed.

Your task is to design theme-based image icons for as many of these links as possible. The services page contains many other links. Create icons that can replace these links as well.

*If you do use images that are not created by you, please give credit where it is due by placing a citation to the location of the original image below the icon.

What to turn in: