Handout 2: 9/01/03

Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 436-500

Chapter Presentations

Chapter assignments will be made on the second class day, so form your groups now!

The class will self-divide into three member groups.

The first student, the presenter, will be responsible for giving a 15 minute overview of chapter contents. The presentation will be done via the WWW using PowerPoint slides.

The second student, the discussant, will be responsible for promoting scholarly discussion by providing several arguable points for the class to consider. The discussion will last approximately 20 minutes. The discussion points should be presented via the WWW.

The third student, the resource-finder, will be responsible for hunting down and gathering external resources of People, Places, and Projects that deal with the topics discussed in the chapter. The review of the resources will last approximately 15 minutes and will be presented via the WWW.

The members of the team may decide among themselves who will take which role. Each of the roles should be expected to take a similar level of effort for preparation.

Each member of the team should email a pointer to their materials (not the materials themselves) to chi-resources@csdl.tamu.edu. These messages automatically will be accessible from the course's Web page.

Evaluation of the presentations will include the following criteria:

Note: Each class member should read the material before class and be prepared to participate in the class discussion.