Handout 5: 3/5/03

Computer-Human Interaction
CPSC 671-600

Assignment 1

Research paper descriptions/assessments

Due Monday, April 7, 2003

The assignment is to prepare three detailed paper summaries for full papers from recent (published in the past three years) ACM CHI conference series or from the relevant papers in another ACM conference (some such papers will be found in Hypertext, CSCW, IUI, JCDL, etc.) The papers selected should not be on the course reading at the time you make the selection. Additionally, the papers selected should be from non-overlapping areas.

Each summary should also try to put the paper into a broader context by examining some of the related work. Thus the summary should provide (1) complete citation information about the paper, (2) a summary of the key points and take-home lessons provided by the chosen paper, (3) a discussion of the context of the paper (i.e., the related work), (4) evaluation and discussion, (5) references, also with complete citation information about the references. Different papers will take different amounts of space to summarize, but perhaps an appropriate target to aim for is at least five pages single spaced or equivalent.