CPSC 689/603 Special Topics in Digital Libraries

Fall semester 2002

Term project presentations

Here is the ordering for term project presentations. Plan for a 10 minute presentatation. We will start at the beginning of the list and work down. Since there are 12 presentations, we'll need to cover at least the first 6 or 7 on the first day if we want to complete them in two class periods.

  1. Arpita Goenka
  2. Pavana Polineni
  3. Selen Ustun
  4. Osvaldo Lau
  5. Pratik Dave
  6. Deepti Mikkilineni
  7. Zubin Dalal
  8. Lisa Smith
  9. Ravikumar Chakravarthy and Sai Ganesh Sitharman
  10. Tolga Ciftci
  11. Bhargavi Sankaran and Niyi Olajide
  12. Raghu Akkapeddi

If your assigned position does not work for your schedule, please try to find someone else to swap with and let me know so I can adjust the schedule.