Handout 3: 9/3/02

CPSC 689/603
Special Topics in Digital Libraries

Fall Semester 2002
TuTh 9:35-10:50 -- HRBB 104

Reading summaries

Due on the last class day of each month

You are to prepare a one page summary for each paper read. These summaries are due on a monthly basis for all previously-unsummarized assigned readings through the due date. You also should provide a cover sheet listing the readings whose summaries are included in the monthly packet.

Each paper summary will contain the following information:

  1. Complete citation information for the paper (authors, title, place of publication,, date of publication, page number).
  2. A one paragraph synopsis of the paper's main points and contributions. (I.e., in brief answer the question "What does the paper say?")
  3. A one paragraph discussion of issues raised by the paper that could be topics for further study or of techniques that might benefit other projects. (I.e., answer the question "What can be done with these results?", again in brief.

Each paper's summary should start on a new page. Include your name, email address, and course Web site URL on the cover page.