Handout 2: 9/25/01
CPSC 689-605: User Interfaces for Information Visualization
Paper summary assignment
Due: Tuesday, October 2 (2); Tuesday, October 30 (2); Tuesday, December 4 (3)

For each summary you should choose a full paper from a significant conference (e.g., ACM or IEEE) or from a reasonable journal. The topics of the paper should relate to the topics of the course. The paper should not be in the collection of readings.

For each paper prepare a report covering the following: (0) complete citation information; (1) summary of what is covered in the paper; (2) identification of the "take home" lessons from the paper; (3) assessment of the successfulness of the paper--what was done well and what could have been done better? Aspects 1, 2, and 3 should receive approximate equal weight in your report. Aim for one to two pages (single spaced, reasonable font size and margins) or equivalent for report length. Less than one page doesn't give enough details and much above two pages just starts to be a restatement of the paper's information instead of a summary and synthesis.