Handout 3: 9/11/01

CPSC 436-500: Computer-Human Interaction, Fall 2001

CPSC 436-500: Computer-Human Interaction, Fall 2001

Major presentation specification

Class presentations will begin in mid-October. Groups will select presentation slots on Thursday, September 13. Selection of topics will be made by groups, beginning with the first ones to present, on Tuesday, September 18.

The major presentation is to be prepared by a group of three students plus/minus one. It has two components: an in-class 30 minute presentation and preparation of a Web page (or pages) providing pointers to resources and brief description of what they contain.

The in-class presentation should cover at least the following points:

The major presentation should focus on the user interface issues. If it is describing the current state of a technology-related area, it should introduce the technology as necessary to understand the context but not focus only on the technological aspects.

Ideas for major presentation topics: